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In the field of the arts and sciences, “Eclecticism” (from the Greek eklektekós that is to choose or select) indicates, the way of thinking of a person who selects things from different sectors that are similar and tries to harmonize them so that they form a new synthesis.

Without being presumptuous, this definition summarises the brilliant intuition that the founding partner of Parametric Design, Franco Mele, had in realising that parametric and associative-type algorithms can be used even in  the world of Industrial Design. Prof/Engineer was the tool that more than any other, as from 1992, allowed him, alongside George Sowden, to express himself in modelling “form” at important levels and for prestigious brands such as Alessi, Mattel and Urmet.

The decision to ”get into the game” on his own did not take long in coming.

The objective was to build up a group of technical and sales staff that could propose this innovative approach to modelling, to top flight companies, offering them a platform comprising the following:

  • The tool
  • A way to learn how to use it
  • Support for technical and product development process management staff to ensure that there is a return on investment.

Getting hold of an idea, giving it material form, ensuring that it is technically feasible without lessening or altering its aesthetic principles, all this, within a scenario that is geared and organised for processes, could only find its natural environment within the PTC Suite of products.

In 2008 Parametric Design became the first VAR (Value Added Reseller) in Italy to gain access to the PTC Channel Advantage Program at a Platinum level in the light of [both] its turnover value and the implementation level quality of the solutions introduced during “go live” sessions to its installation base.

The same year saw the birth of Parametric Design Suisse in Canton Ticino.

Today these two firms number about 430 clients that  are currently actively receiving maintenance services. 45 top level companies have been supported in high level and highly complex design and engineering activities for years. They can count on a staff of 13 design and process engineers, who together with sales and administrative staff bring the overall staff levels to 20.