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Creo 11 Top Enhancements


PTC is pleased to announce the release of Creo 11, the latest version of our award-winning CAD system. Creo 11 continues to deliver a powerful yet user-friendly experience for designers, helping them bring their best designs to life in less time through a range of significant enhancements. Areas of focus include electrification, composite materials, Model-Based Definition, simulation-driven design, and advanced manufacturing.

Increased Productivity and Ease of Use

With each release, Creo is committed to enhancing the productivity of design engineers. Creo 11 introduces support for multicore concepts, allowing for the handling of multiple sheet metal bodies and regular bodies within the same project. This enables better design of sheet metal parts in context.

Additionally, the new Shrink-wrap feature facilitates the transfer of solid bodies from parts of an assembly into a single multicore part, streamlining work with complex projects. The enhanced container volume feature enables optimization and calculation of the minimum containment window for packaging optimization.

New Features and Enhancements


Creo 11 enhances wiring features and ECAD-MCAD collaboration to support your circuit and wiring projects with advanced tools that facilitate design work.

Composite Materials

Engineers can now leverage significant improvements in composite material design, simulation, and production capabilities. Creo 11 offers advanced tools for managing transitions, laminate sections, and draping simulations, making the use of composite materials more efficient in an increasing number of products.

Model-Based Definition

Creo 11 further empowers Model-Based Definition tools, making it easier to organize design data into tables that are readable by both people and machines. These tables include user-defined text, parameter captions, and semantic references, improving clarity and reducing effort.


The new simulation-driven design features in Creo 11 simplify ideation, guideline creation, and project validation. The already award-winning generative design features have been further enhanced with minimum feature size constraints, load-bearing support, and planar symmetry constraints.


Creo 11 introduces significant improvements in additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities. For additive manufacturing, it is now possible to connect two or more lattices with different types of cells onto a single continuous lattice structure and control pore size dimensions for stochastic lattices, offering greater flexibility and precision in production.


With Creo 11, PTC continues to push the boundaries of CAD design, offering advanced tools that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and support innovations in materials and manufacturing technologies. We’re excited to see how you’ll use these new features to create extraordinary designs.

Learn more about Creo 11 and how it can transform your design process by visiting our website or contacting one of our experts.

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