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Industrial Design: Tricks and Tips for Successful Design

In the field of industrial design, knowing some tricks and tips can make a difference in creating a successful design. This article highlights the key aspects to consider, from ergonomic design to the use of materials and production processes, to the importance of product sustainability and safety.

The referenced software in this article is PTC’s Creo Parametric CAD.

Ergonomic Design

One fundamental trick in industrial design is paying attention to ergonomics. Ensuring user comfort and safety is essential. By using ergonomic simulation software like Creo Parametric, it is possible to evaluate and optimize the ergonomics of products. Choosing the dimensions, shape, and position of objects based on user needs can significantly improve the user experience and prevent potential issues.

Materials and Production Processes

The choice of appropriate materials and production processes influences the success of industrial design. Selecting the right materials based on required properties and considering production techniques like 3D printing or mold injection can bring significant improvements. Additionally, evaluating the environmental impact of material and process choices can contribute to the sustainability of industrial design.

Design for Assembly (DFA)

Another valuable trick is Design for Assembly (DFA), which aims to simplify component assembly. Designing components to be easy to assemble can reduce production time and cost. Using simple connections, reducing the number of parts, or applying coding techniques are just some strategies to facilitate assembly and improve overall process efficiency.

Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping plays a crucial role in industrial design. Through prototyping, it is possible to test and evaluate the design before mass production, reducing the risk of costly errors. Using rapid prototyping tools and technologies like 3D printing or simulation software allows designers to refine the design and achieve high-quality results.

Product Safety and Sustainability

Product safety and sustainability are essential aspects of industrial design. Adhering to safety standards and integrating safety measures into the design is crucial to protect users. Additionally, considering energy efficiency, ease of disassembly, and material recycling can contribute to product sustainability and reduce overall environmental impact.


Knowing these tricks and tips can make a difference in successful industrial design, ensuring ergonomic designs, appropriate materials, efficient production, and safe and sustainable products.

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