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PTC and Parametric Design Event in Toronto: CAD ON TAP 

An opportunity to connect and share experiences in the field of Parametric Design 

On June 15th, a successful event organized by PTC in collaboration with Parametric Design took place at Fieldstone, Bench Brewing (Ontario). The event provided a unique opportunity for participants to connect, exchange ideas, and share experiences in the field of parametric design with Creo. 

The atmosphere was filled with energy and interest as participants gathered to explore the challenges and opportunities offered by parametric design. The event proved to be an ideal occasion to establish new professional connections and expand one’s network within the industry.

The Agenda

Richard Bressan from Parametric Design kicked off the day with a welcome presentation, introducing Parametric Design as both a PTC reseller and a renowned engineering consulting firm specializing in parametric design. 

Participants had the opportunity to engage in interesting discussions and presentations related to the world of Creo Parametric software. Topics covered included the evolution of design strategies using Creo software, the new features of Creo 10, and the application of generative design to create innovative solutions. 

The event also provided an overview of the latest trends in the field of design, including advancements in additive manufacturing and the implementation of model-based approaches for comprehensive product definition. 

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Marco Bellusci from Parametric Design, who shared experiences and insights on the applications of simulation-driven design. This topic generated significant interest among participants, who had the opportunity to discover how integrating simulations during the design process can lead to optimal results. 

PTC Creo was the focal point of the entire event, capturing the participants’ attention and offering them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and explore the potential of this innovative design software. Through informal meetings and engaging conversations, participants had the chance to explore the endless possibilities offered by PTC Creo, exchange advice and strategies, and share experiences and successes in its usage. This stimulating environment fostered a rich exchange of ideas and encouraged mutual learning among industry professionals. 

In summary, the PTC and Parametric Design networking event at Fieldstone was a unique opportunity to connect, share experiences, and deepen knowledge in the field of parametric design. The event showcased the value of continuous networking and provided a stimulating environment for idea exchange and the creation of new opportunities in the industry.

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