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Release Notes – Keyshot 2023

Security Fixes

  • Updated FBX SDK to version 2020.3.2 due to security vulnerabilities (LSA-610622).
  • Updated NVIDIA CUDA to version 11.8 due to security vulnerabilities.
  • Updated 3MF to use Zlib version 1.2.13 due to security vulnerabilities.
  • Updated TIFF to version 4.5.0 due to security vulnerabilities.

New Features

  • It is now possible to add existing properties of materials in the library, to the Material Information Schema in the Schema Editor.
  • Added Coloro color library.
  • Added ability to animate Textures using a Curve Fade animation node in the material graph.
  • Added a Web Viewer button to the ribbon.
  • Added an option to disable color profile conversion to textures.
  • Save material package through Scripting.
  • Add ASE export to the color library.
  • Added multi-selection to camera, environment and image style lists.
  • Added support for Multi-Layer EXR files.
  • The Color Profile of KeyShot will now be saved to rendered images.
  • Added shortcuts to enable selection of a group or model by clicking on a part n the real-time view.


  • Improved UV coordinates of primitive geometry.
  • Updated to Datakit 2023.1
  • Updated Python to version 3.11.1.
  • Improved load of materials when opening the Material Information Manager.
  • Updated RAL color system to 2022.
  • Added tools to the main menubar.
  • Removed Experimental features.
  • Support labels and RAW passes via Scripting rendering settings.
  • Added image attachments to Web Viewer uploads.
  • Add landscape mode to PDF output for CMF.
  • Ended support for macOS Catalina. macOS Big Sur is the new minimum version.
  • Added support for Parasolid V35, NX v2206
  • Added support for export colors with folders.
  • TIFF images are now compressed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a “Cannot load library” message to to appear in Network Rendering logs.
  • Keep HDRI Editor canvas on top of main window.
  • The DPI setting is now output to images as metadata.


  • Speed-up improvements when closing down KeyShot or creating a new scene.
  • Reduce noise in glossy reflections in product mode that was introduced in KeyShot 11.3.
  • Redesigned Web Viewer upload dialog to feature presets and simplified controls.
  • The Physics Tool should now work on systems with ARM.
  • Fixed an issue on Area Lights where the back- and front side of the material were flipped.
  • Fixed a Studio issue that could cause an incorrect Environment to load when reloading a scene.
  • Fixed memory issue when enabling motion blur on animated area lights.
  • Fixed a crash in Smooth Global Illumination while in interior mode on ARM Processors.
  • Fixed an issue in AxF materials that could cause the color to be slightly off.
  • Improved performance of the the Realtime-view when having a Curve enabled Photographic Image Style.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when working with materials.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause KeyShot to stop responding when assigning a real cloth material on Apple Silicon systems.
  • Fixed a number of issues in the studios workflow.
  • Adjusted bump height in exported USD and GLB files, to improve support of these in other applications.
  • Fixed an issue in blend modes for the Color Composite node in the material graph.
  • Fixed an issue in the color some AxF types.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when importing geometry while motion blur is active.
  • Improoved speed when searching in the Scenetree.

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