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// PTC Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric: 3D CAD that is increasingly faster. Increasingly more powerful.


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Creo Parametric is 3D CAD software that lets you make higher quality products more quickly.

An easy-to-learn solution, Creo lets you move smoothly from the initial stages of 3D design and drawing to manufacturing and beyond. Powerful and reliable functionality can be combined with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, 3D printing and IoT. PTC Creo makes it possible to speed up iterations, reduce costs and improve product quality. The product development environment is evolving quickly, and only Creo can offer the innovative tools you need to get a competitive edge and gain market shares. 

Primary functionality of Creo Parametric:
• 3D part and assembly design
• Automatic generation of 2D drawings
• Parametric and freestyle surface generation
• Assembly performance and management
• Sheet metal design
• Mechanism design
• Plastic part design
• Direct modelling (flexible modelling)
• Additive manufacturing
• Augmented reality
• Multi-CAD collaboration
• Piping and cabling
• Rendering
• Design exploration
• Fastener design
• Advanced structural design
• Legacy data migration
• Human mannequin model library
• Advanced simulation functionality

All functionalities

3D part and assembly design
ptc Creo Creazione di superfici parametriche e freestyle

Parametric and freestyle surface generation

ptc Creo - Realtà Aumentata

Augmented reality

ptc Creo Disegno 2D

2D design

ptc Creo Model Basel Definition

Model-Based Definition

ptc Creo Esplorazione dei progetti

Design Exploration

ptc Creo Progettazione dei meccanismi

Design exploration Mechanism design

ptc Creo Progettazione di dispositivi di fissaggio

Fastener design

ptc Creo Progettazione dei fattori umani

Human factor design

ptc Creo Progettazione di sistemi distribuiti

Distributed system design

ptc Creo Progettazione intelligente e connessa

Intelligent and connected design

ptc Creo Conceptual design

Conceptual design

ptc Creo Progettazione di parti in plastica

Plastic part design

ptc Creo Progettazione industriale

Industrial design

ptc Creo Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

ptc Creo Multi-CAD


ptc Creo Rendering e animazione 3D

Rendering and 3D animation

ptc Creo Prestazioni e gestione di assiemi

Assembly performance and management

ptc Creo Funzionalità di simulazione di base

Advanced simulation functionality

ptc Creo Analisi strutturale

Structural analysis

ptc Creo Analisi Termica

Thermal analysis

PTC Creo Analisi modale

Modal analysis

PTC Creo Analisi del movimento

Movement analysis

PTC Creo Analisi di riempimento degli stampi

Mould filling analysis

PTC Creo Analisi di fatica

Stress analysis

PTC Creo Analisi della distanza e del creepage

Distance and creepage analysis

PTC Creo Fluidodinamica computazionale

Computational fluid dynamics

PTC Creo Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

PTC Creo Progettazione di stampi e utensili

Mould and tool design

PTC Creo Lavorazione di produzione

Manufacturing processing

PTC Creo Gestione dei dati di prodotto

Product data management

PTC Creo Illustrazioni tecniche

Technical illustrations

PTC Creo Performance Advisor

Performance Advisor

PTC Creo Progettazione generativa

Generative design

PTC Creo Ansys Simulation

Simulation with Creo Parametric: Creo Ansys Simulation

For real-time feedback during 3D design and modelling, choose: Creo Ansys Simulation with Ansys technology. Just set some simple conditions and the software will take case of the rest, presenting results in real time as changes are made or functions created. As well as speed and convenience, it also offers a design guide naturally integrated into your workflow.
PTC Creo Additive Manufacturing

3D printing with Creo Parametric: Creo Additive Manufacturing

This 3D CAD programme lets you design, optimise, validate, and verify by printing in a single environment, reducing overall process time, as well as the number of repetitive activities and errors. Then simply send the file to the 3D printer. Additive manufacturing design can be performed using polymers and metals, connecting directly to the relevant printer and benefiting from the optimised profile and support structures offered by the same. No need to move from one software package to another, no inconvenience.
PTC Creo GDX e GTO moto

Generative design with Creo Parametric: Creo GDX and GTO

Let generative design help you unlock the benefits of digital transformation. Being able to quickly explore innovative projects brings you closer to achieving the goal of cutting costs and improving quality and time-to-market. A quicker exploration allows for a more in-depth examination of various combinations of materials and production processes, revealing solutions that you may never have considered.

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