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Remote Assistance Powered by Augmented Reality: Vuforia Chalk

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Vuforia Chalk is PTC’s advanced augmented reality application that combines augmented reality (AR) with real-time communications in order to connect a technician with a remote expert to show the problem on the field. 

With Vuforia Chalk, you can draw digital annotations on your mobile device or desktop screen, which “stick” accurately to physical 3D objects, allowing experts to guide technicians step-by-step throughout the process. Thanks to more accurate annotations, operators spend less time solving problems, increasing productivity and reducing travel costs and numerous maintenance interventions.

Key features of Vuforia Chalk:
• Remote collaboration and assistance
• Instructions and notes in real-time
• Remote work training

Why Vuforia Chalk

Reduces operating costs: frontline technicians have the ability to promptly connect with a remote expert, reducing travel costs and waiting times.

Offers Faster Technician Training: Vuforia Chalk can be used to train new technicians, thanks to a modern digital learning method.

Improve the quality of service: both field technician and remote expert can interact on the screen sharing the same view of the work area and having the ability to highlight details or guide solutions. The reported annotations virtually stick to real objects, so that they reappear when you move the screen back to the same work area.

Market Leading AR: PTC’s Vuforia platform is the industry leader in augmented reality technologies.


Simple and intuitive

Download the Vuforia Chalk mobile app from public app stores

Multi-Expert Sessions

Include up to five participants in a single Chalk session

Digital annotations

Vuforia Chalk’s 3D environment mapping allows annotations and on-screen markup to stick to objects i the physical world, even as your techinicans move around in their environment.

Safe and secure information

Videos, Audio and images are encrypted end-to-end and no content is ever saved or stored on a cloud or server.

Universal Compatibility

Mobile phones
Mobile phones




Accessible under https://admin.vuforiachalk.com

Browser Support

  • Google Chrome (MacOS and Windows)
  • Apple Safari (MacOS)
  • Mozilla Firefox (MacOS and Windows)
  • Microsoft Edge – Chromium (Windows) BETA
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Windows)

Chalk for mobile

iOS 13 or later Supported Devices  

Android 8.0 or later Supported Devices  

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Case history

Toyota enables improved communication across teams with Vuforia’s Remote Assistance tool.

Successful cases

Successful cases

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