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// Vuforia Engine

The augmented reality (AR) development platform created by PTC.

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Vuforia Engine is an augmented reality (AR) development platform created by PTC.

It allows developers to integrate advanced AR capabilities into their applications, enabling users to interact with the real world through mobile devices, smart glasses, and other AR platforms.

Vuforia Engine offers a wide range of features, including object detection and tracking, image and marker recognition, and the creation of interactive AR experiences, among others. It is widely used in industries such as marketing, education, manufacturing, and entertainment to deliver engaging and innovative experiences to users.

Vuforia Engine Features:

Object Detection and Tracking

Vuforia Engine can detect and track real-world objects, allowing users to interact with them through AR.

Plane and Surface Detection

Vuforia Engine can detect and track flat surfaces, enabling accurate placement of virtual objects in the real-world context.

Interactions and Input

Developers can implement custom user interactions such as touch, gestures, and movements to make AR experiences more engaging and interactive.

Rendering and Advanced Graphics

Vuforia Engine supports advanced graphics rendering, allowing the creation of realistic and high-quality virtual objects.

Content Management

The platform provides tools for AR content management, including creation, organization, and distribution of AR experiences.

Integration with Platforms and Development Tools

Vuforia Engine can be integrated with various platforms and development tools, enabling developers to create AR applications for a wide range of devices and platforms.

Supported AR Headsets and Glasses

- Microsoft HoloLens2
- Magic Leap 2
- Vuzix M400
- RealWear HMT-1

// Vuforia Engine

Success stories

Leading global companies use Vuforia Engine to deliver cutting-edge and engaging AR experiences that bring people closer to brands and products.

Fujitsu utilized Vuforia Engine to implement an AR instruction manual, streamlining assembly and reducing costs. With Vuforia’s accuracy and computer vision, they created a user-friendly visual guide for operators. The app, developed for Microsoft HoloLens, integrated customer orders and design data, overlaying real-time AR instructions on network equipment. This simplified process expedited assembly and minimized errors, increasing operator efficiency on the factory floor. Vuforia Engine proved instrumental in enhancing productivity and reducing assembly costs.

Success Stories

Success Stories

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