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The Impact of Lack of Innovation on Italian Businesses

Innovation represents an essential element for the success and growth of businesses in the contemporary economic landscape. However, its value is often underestimated or overlooked, and data clearly demonstrates the economic consequences of a lack of innovation.

According to a study conducted by Assoconsult, the leading association of consulting firms in Italy, the cost resulting from a lack of innovation is truly staggering: 327 billion euros. To put this figure into perspective, it exceeds 1.5 times the total value of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), a fundamental program for Italy’s growth and stability.

This enormous cost is a direct consequence of the productivity gap that has widened between Italy and other European countries due to a lack of innovation. Over the past 25 years, Italy has been unable to keep pace with its European counterparts in terms of productivity growth. If we had achieved the same growth rates, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would have been 2.109 trillion euros instead of the actual 1.782 trillion.

The implications of this gap are significant and tangible:

  • The debt-to-GDP ratio, a constant source of concern, would have dropped to 130%, indicating a more stable financial situation.
  • GDP per capita, reflecting the average wealth of citizens, would have been higher, reaching 36,000 euros compared to the current 30,000 euros.
  • Tax revenues would have experienced a notable increase, with an estimated gain of around 100 billion euros.

All of these data emerge from the “2nd Innovation Report” conducted by Assoconsult in collaboration with the Study Center of Confindustria and ANIMA. This report provides a clear overview of the issue, identifying the lack of innovation as the primary cause of the productivity gap afflicting Italy.

Innovation in the Industrial Sector

A particularly relevant sector in the realm of business innovation is industrial engineering consultancy. This branch of consulting provides a crucial contribution to addressing the challenges related to the modernization and optimization of industrial processes. Italian companies, to remain competitive in an ever-evolving global context, must fully harness the potential of industrial engineering consultancy.

Industrial engineering consulting firms offer services ranging from the design and optimization of production processes to the management of energy efficiency and the transition to advanced technologies. These competencies can help companies reduce operational costs, enhance product quality, and increase competitiveness in the international market.

Furthermore, industrial engineering consultancy is essential for the adoption of sustainable practices and meeting the growing demands of corporate social responsibility. Specialized consulting firms in this sector can guide companies in implementing eco-friendly solutions and reducing the environmental impact of their activities.


In summary, the importance of innovation in the business context cannot be underestimated. Economic data incontrovertibly demonstrates that a lack of innovation carries a significant cost for Italian businesses and the entire national economy. Addressing this issue requires a resolute commitment to adopting innovative strategies and investing in the consultancy and expertise necessary to remain competitive on the international stage.

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