New ANSYS Fluent Experience

New ANSYS Fluent Experience

Dramatically accelerate ANSYS Fluent CFD simulations with less hands-on time and more accuracy. Our latest release introduces a revolutionary task-based workflow that supports Mosaic meshing technology. It accelerates Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, requiring less hands-on time. As a result, you'll be more productive and achieve more accurate solutions.

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Better Results in Less Time

The world's most widely used CFD tool now delivers better quality cells 45 percent faster and requires 30 percent less RAM. Fluent quickly transitions between varying types of mesh elements in complex geometries and flow regimes, so you can explore more materials, more parts, more possibilities.

Task-Based Workflow

The new ANSYS Fluent task-based workflow provides Fluent users with a single-window, streamlined user interface that guides users through the entire meshing process. The use of context-sensitive commands presents users with only the relevant options, further increasing usability. The streamlined, general-purpose Watertight Workflow addresses most problems, and users can modify the built-in templates or create custom templates to address specific applications.

ANSYS Fluent Mosaic meshing technology conformally connects hexahedral elements in the bulk region and isotropic elements in the boundary layer with polyhedral elements for this generic F1 wing

Mosaic Meshing

The patent-pending meshing technology overcomes the limitations of single-element meshes by automatically combining any type of boundary layer mesh with high-quality polyhedral meshes for fast and accurate flow resolution.

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