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Parametric Design aims to provide powerful digital tools for innovative and forward-thinking companies, wishing to invest in efficient technologies following in the footsteps of Industry 4.0. Our reality supports companies as a "Technology Advisor", with the aim of helping them to last innovative on the market, offering powerful solutions by guaranteeing full return of investment. Our team of highly qualified engineers is ready to share the competences acquired during 18 years in the field of product development, to realize your most complex projects, including those that are impossible.

Our Story

> Since 2001 a single goal:
the innovation of our customers

We started in 2001 as Value-Added Resellers, and now we are technology advisor. We have changed our DNA for all those companies who want to become or remain competitive on the market by investing in new technologies.

Parametric Design

Our Key Features

> Tools

A powerful products portfolio that include a complete range of solutions integrated in CAD / CAM / CAE/ PLM / ERP / IoT / AR environments and Simulation.

> Training

Support for technical staff and process management of product development to ensure a return on the investment.

> Consulting

The four essential aspects which form the basis of our training itinerary for AEs (Application Engineers) are: technical ability, design talent, training to provide a deep understanding of product development processes, and a strong inclination for teamwork.

Our Recent Projects

> How do we help our customers?

The knowledge of PTC and ANSYS tools allows us to solve most engineering problems and to optimize any business process.The experience of our technicians is one of the added values of our company. Our know-how collected within our case studies.

Our partner
Our Partners


The development of a connector between these two technology platforms will enable customers to transform raw data into new forms of actionable intelligence. The connector will integrate intelligent digital simulation models with products as they exist and operate in the real world. This will open up new opportunities for companies to create value by enabling them to optimize operations and maintenance and to integrate them into their product development processes.

Our Costumers

> Valerio Cometti, Founder and Creative Director of V12 Design

Valerio Cometti+V12 Design is a firm that knows how to bring together the sensitivity of a Designer, capable of conceiving and handling the sophisticated dialogue between form and matter, with the skillful and knowledgeable approach of an Engineer, who can preserve the initial creativity investment during throughout the development process. Valerio Cometti+V12 Design creates innovative ideas from the very first sketch to the finished product.

Cometti Commetti
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I pay the suppliers

I pay the suppliers

Parametric Design, 03/04/2020

In this moment, it is essential for us to underline even more one of our corporate values, which has distinguished us for years and which is based on an ethics of certified payments.

We choose smart working!

Parametric Design, 09/03/2020

Everyone has to do their part against coronavirus

We choose smart working!